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Which Damp is Affecting Your Home? Discussed by B&K Services

Damp Proofing NewcastleDamp is a serious issue that can affect you home, due to the fact that it poses significant health risks over time. This means that it’s important to get this sorted out as soon as possible and this can be carried out by hiring a company to carry out a damp course in your home. There are several different types of damp that can affect your home and the most common types of damp that arise are condensation, penetrating damp and rising damp. Over time, the cost of repair to walls and other areas in your home as well as the health risks add up which is why it’s important to consider going through a damp proofing course. In this article, we will discuss the three main types of damp and discuss how we can help remove these issues from your home. If you are looking for damp proofing in Newcastle or if you require a damp course in Newcastle then be sure to contact B&K Services today by calling our team on: 0191 262 8412

Rising Damp

Rising damp is an issue that is caused by water in the ground rising through a wall or floor. A damp-proof course or damp-proof membrane is usually used to allow some water into the floor or walls but to stop the damage caused by blocking the water. New houses will have these installed due to building regulations however older buildings may not have this protection. Alternatively the original protection may become damaged over time and this will cause the issues of rising damp. You’ll be able to notice rising damp when you see wet patches within peeling paint and wallpaper as well as damage to plaster in your home. You may also see marks along the wall which is caused by soluble salts being dissolved by the water. Should you see these symptoms then a damp course is highly recommended and we suggest that you contact our experts on advice regarding this.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is dampness that is caused by leakage of water through the walls. This type of damp differs from rising damp as the dampness will not travel up your walls but will rather move horizontally. Penetrating damp is most likely caused by structural issues in the building which results in roofs and walls being regularly attacked by water. Internal leaking can also occur and this can cause structural damage as well as damage to other areas in your home. You can notice penetrating damp when observing damp patches on your ceiling or walls. Older buildings often suffer from this as solid walls are susceptible to water penetrating the wall. Older buildings are also more likely to have structural weaknesses or problems therefore we highly recommend seeking the advice of our experts should you feel that your home is suffering from penetrating damp.


Condensation is likely the most common kind of damp and is caused by moisture in the air condensing onto the walls. Bathrooms with limited ventilation or where ventilation is not being used correctly is a common area for this to occur as the shower will cause this hot, moist air to condense onto the walls and cause damage. Older buildings again often suffer from these issues and there are a number of strategies that you can take to reduce the impact of condensation, such as installing ventilation devices or dehumidifiers.

Contact Our Damp Proofing Experts in Newcastle Today

As previously mentioned, damp becomes a large health risk the further it is allowed to spread and can cause structural damage or require the need for costly repairs if it is not addressed or prevented. Not taking action is simply not worth the risk therefore we highly recommend that you seek the advice or services of our experts should you be suffering from the effects of any of the mentioned types of damp in this article. Here at B&K, our experts have served Newcastle for decades and you can be sure that we can resolve issues with damp at extremely competitive prices. If you are looking for damp proofing in Newcastle or if you are suffering from rising damp in Newcastle then be sure to contact our damp proofing experts today by telephoning: 0191 262 8412