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Dry & Wet Rot Discussed by B&K Services

Damp Proofing Service NewcastleDry and wet rot are specific types of rot that can both cause serious structural damage to your home. If left untreated, these types of rot will eventually destroy the timber in your home and cause irreparable damage, which is why it is highly recommended to seek damp proofing services or wet and dry rot treatments should this occur. In this article, we will discuss the key differences between wet and dry rot as well as why it is important to call our experts to arrange dry rot and wet rot control should this be occurring in your home. If you require a damp proofing service in Newcastle or if you require dry rot treatment in Newcastle then be sure to contact B&K Services today by calling our experts on: 0191 262 8412

What is Wet Rot & What Are Its Effects?

Wet rot occurs when moisture affects timber which encourages decay. This wet rot will lead to structural damage if it is allowed to grow unchecked as this will cause the weakening of the timber. This is often observable as the leaking of a roof or other areas can cause this wet rot to occur. Should you observe that there is a structural fault that is causing this then it is highly advised to seek repairs of this area, as this will stop the flow of water from effecting the timber area. Wet rot can also damage other materials other than timber as wetness does not help when it is effecting these materials. Wet rot can also damage paint and wallpaper which is another obvious indicator of the issue. Should this be happening in your home then you should definitely consider wet rot treatment or wet rot control services as the damage that wet rot can cause is extensive.

What is Dry Rot & Its Effects?

Dry rot does require water to grow but it is not the water that is the main issue. The issue with dry rot is that the fungus that grows within the wood will continue to grow until it is dealt with. Couple this with the fact that dry rot occurs in unseen areas and you have a potentially very serious problem. The fungus will eat away at the timber which causes the problem to continue until timber is completely destroyed. The main issue is that you may not realise that dry rot is destroying your timber until it is too late as it is hard to identify. It’s therefore important to be on the look out for obvious signs of dry rot such as shrinking wood, rotting areas or what’s known as a ‘fruiting body’ growing on the timber. Timber will also turn into a brown colour and will crumble easily should it be affected. It is paramount to call our experts should you discover the symptoms of dry rot as it will not be resolved without direct action taken against the fungus.

Contact Our Damp Proofing Experts Today

Should your home or property be suffering from the effects of dry rot and wet rot then it’s very important to take action. It’s not worth risking damaging the structural integrity of your home further and the timber that is already quite badly damaged will only worsen over time. This can cause costly repairs and even cause significant damage to your house a result of the weakening of the timber. If you’d like to take action and require advice or you are unsure that you have identified wet or dry rot in your home then give our team a call. They are damp proofing experts and have carried out many damp proofing jobs and wet rot and dry rot control jobs in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. If you require damp proofing in Newcastle or if you require wet rot treatment in Newcastle then ensure that you contact B&K Services today by calling us on: 0191 262 8412