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Emergency Plumber Services in Newcastle

Emergency Plumber in NewcastleWhen you have a plumbing emergency in your home, you may have a number of questions regarding what constitutes an emergency as well as what you will need to do when an emergency like this occurs. Due to the fact that some plumbing emergencies can be dangerous, it is important to consider the nature of your emergency as well as be able to call a company that you can trust to rectify the issue at a competitive and fair price. In this article, we will discuss the various most common emergency plumbing issues that you may encounter as well as what to do should one of these situations occurs. If you are looking for an emergency plumber in Newcastle or if you require emergency plumber services in Newcastle then be sure to call B&K Services today on: 0191 262 8412.

Top 10 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

There are a number of plumbing emergencies that will require an emergency plumber to come and repair the issue. There are many common issues and in this article, we will list the top 10 most common plumbing emergencies. Having no hot water is extremely inconvenient and could be down to your utility company. However, this issue could be caused by leaks in your plumbing or faults in your water heater. In the cold seasons especially in winter, your pipes can become extremely vulnerable due to freezing and then thawing. Exposed piping can burst and this will damage your water systems. Water lines can also become broken due to external activities such as being damaged by tree roots or other repair work. A leaking water heater can cause damage to your home as well as making your heating inefficient and therefore costly.

Clogging in toilets, sinks and baths or showers is another common issue that can cause major issues in your home. Majorly clogged sinks can prevent water flow which can impede you in other daily activities. Clogged toilets can cause structural damage to your piping and can also cause health hazards. Clogged baths and showers are usually caused by hair and soap and this can cause flooding in your bathroom if not attended to. Leaky faucets do not seem to be an emergency but this issue can cause mould and rust to form in your sinks. Washing machine hose leaking can also cause serious problems due to the fact that your washing machine is connected to a main source of water. If your washing machine becomes rusted this can also cause flooding. Finally your sewer system could become damaged and indicators of this are smells of sewage emanating from drains, water pooling around drains and gurgling toilets.

What to Do Should These Issues Occur

Some of the issues are evidently more of an emergency than others however all can cause severe damage to your home and therefore should definitely be looked at as soon as possible. Issues such as having no hot water could be indicators of other issues and if this is not your utility company that is causing this issue, it is highly recommended to call our expert team. Clogging in sinks, toilets and baths and showers is another case where it is best to call our expert team. These issues can cause further damage if left unattended to and can also cause health risks. Burst piping and broken water lines should definitely be repaired by a professional and therefore these are aspects that we would be more than happy to assist you with. Leaking from your faucets or water heater is an issue that will cause damage and cost money if left over time so it is highly recommended to have an expert look at your water systems and piping. Sewer systems are very much important for your home and it is of the utmost importance that you have a plumbing professional have a look at this system if it has become damaged or is malfunctioning.

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Plumbing emergencies can be extremely stressful and foreboding should they happen. Some issues such as lack of hot water can be inconvenient however other issues can be extremely dangerous or risk causing severe and costly damage to your home. Should you have an emergency or an issue that you have noticed, it is extremely important to call an expert to have a look at the issue. Even if a water system seems to be only slightly leaking, fixing it can prevent any issues from further progressing and it could be an indicator of a more severe issue. If you are in doubt or have an issue then give our team a call today. If you are looking for a professional emergency plumber in Newcastle or if you are looking for emergency plumbers in Newcastle then be sure to contact B&K Services today on: 0191 262 8412.