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Boiler Repairs in Newcastle

It is very important to ensure that your boiler is serviced and well maintained during the winter months. This is due to the fact that boilers are often put through their paces in the winter and may not be ready for heavy use after the summer months of disuse. This article will discuss the reasons why it is important to maintain your boiler with regular servicing as well as what to do when you require repairs on your boiler during this busy season. If you are interested about finding out more about boiler servicing in Newcastle or if you require boiler repairs in Newcastle then be sure to call B&K Services on: 0191 262 8412.

Wboiler repairs newcastlehy It’s Important to Maintain Your Boiler

Clear boiler faults are obvious such as total breakdowns or loud noises coming from your boiler but there are a range of boiler faults that are impossible to identify without diagnosis. This is one of the main reasons as to why maintaining your boiler with regular servicing is important. It is sensible to service your boiler at least once a year. Not only will regular servicing ensure that you can keep your boiler in good repair, it also means that you can have peace of mind in the fact that your boiler is not at risk of suddenly breaking. The other aspect to consider in regards to the advantages of regular boiler servicing is that it is much more difficult to  arrange for an emergency boiler repair in the winter. The risk of a boiler emergency is made more severe due to the fact that many people do not maintain their boilers in the summer as they do not need to use central heating. As the winter comes around, central heating is used much more often and this causes overuse of your boiler. If it is well maintained and to good working order then it will be able to handle this exertion but you are potentially at a greater risk to experiencing a boiler emergency if your boiler has not been serviced. It is also much easier to book maintenance during the summer due to the fact that many people are not thinking about their boilers. If you ever have an emergency breakdown regarding your boiler be sure to ring: 07778 170 791 for our 24 hour emergency services.

Boiler Repairs & Preparation in the Winter

As aforementioned, the winter seasons are a very busy period for boiler repairs. It is highly recommended if you have not had your boiler serviced recently to book servicing now so that you can ensure that your boiler is in good shape for the winter. There are also steps that you can take to reduce the chances of your boiler breaking down in Winter. These steps range from checking pressure levels constantly to observe dropping of pressure as well as checking your heating regularly. Starting up a boiler in cold conditions causes extra exertion on your boiler and this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back which causes your boiler to break. Alternatively, as well as checking your heating you can also bleed your radiators to ensure that there is no built up air which is blocking the central heating system. Ensuring that you carry out these checks can help to prevent serious boiler damage but it is also advised to ensure that you are purchasing regular boiler servicing.

Contact B&K Services for Boiler Repairs in Newcastle

Apart from complete boiler breakdown, there are other issues that could end up with you requiring boiler repairs. If your house is cold, your radiators are not working or if your boiler is not working correctly then you may require boiler repairs in Newcastle. It is always best to ask the experts if you are unsure about issues within your boiler and this is why we are here to help you restore your boiler if something does go wrong. If you are interested in finding out more about how to maintain and protect your boiler or if you require boiler servicing in Newcastle or boiler repairs in Newcastle then be sure to contact B&K Services today or give us a call on: 0191 262 8412.