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The Various Boiler Types Available Discussed by B&K Services in Newcastle

Boiler Types NewcastleIn some of our past articles, we have discussed the reasons as to why you may want to replace your boiler or install a new boiler in your property. In this article, we will go in detail to discuss the various types of boilers that are available and which boilers are ideal for your property. B&K Services have installed boilers in Newcastle and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. We have installed many boilers and are also well equipped to advise you on the ideal boiler that is suited for your property. If you are interested in finding out more about the types of boiler available or if you are looking for boilers in Newcastle then ensure that you contact B&K Services today or telephone our team today on: 0191 262 8412.

Combi Boilers in Newcastle

A combi boiler or combination boiler combines a super high efficiency water heater with a central heating boiler in one unit. These types of boiler heat water directly from the supply to the mains and this ensures that hot water turns on at the tap. This removes the need for hot water or cold water storage in your house and this is a great addition should you be looking to save space. The other great advantage of this type of boiler is that hot water is delivered at mains pressure which allows you to have a powerful shower without having to make arrangements to have a separate pump installed. The compact sizes of combi boilers ensures that these boilers are perfect for smaller properties where you have a lack of loft space. There’s no risk of freezing or burst pipes in the loft as these pipework are not required and the fact that there is less pipework makes the installation typically cheaper. To arrange an installation or purchase of a combi boiler in Newcastle, enquire with our team.

System Boilers in Newcastle

System boilers utilise a hot water storage cylinder. The major heating components are inbuilt into the boiler which leads to a more straightforward installation process. There’s no requirement for a water tank in the loft and this is also an option for properties that have limited space in their loft. Solar heating systems integrate well with system boilers offering environmental advantages and the chance to save money on energy bills. For properties with more than one bathroom, this type of boiler is ideally suited for installation. These boilers also offer a constant supply of hot water to any amount of taps at the same time. A system boiler is easier and faster to install and tends to be more economical than other boiler types. To arrange for a system boiler installation in Newcastle, enquire with B&K Services today.

Heat Only or Regular Boilers

Conventional or heat only boilers are ideally suited to properties that already have a heating system installed. These boilers require a cold water storage tank in the loft which feeds the hot water cylinder and a tank that maintains the water levels of your central heating system. If your property has an old style central heating system and your boiler needs replacing then typically a conventional boiler is recommended as the replacement unit. These types of boilers are perfect for properties with two or more bathrooms and where a lot of hot water is used at the same time. Areas with typically low water pressure also benefit from these types of boilers and this type of boiler also integrates well with solar energy or renewable heating systems.

Arrange for a Boiler Installation Today

Traditional Boiler NewcastleWhatever your requirements, there is most likely a specific boiler that is suited to your property. B&K Services offer installation services for all major manufacturers of boilers in the UK and we can also arrange for the purchase of your boiler should you require this. There’s a whole range of boilers available and if you are unsure about which boiler is best suited to your property then we can advise you. Our highly experienced team are gas safe certified engineers and can install your boiler in an effective and timely fashion at highly competitive prices. Should you be looking for boiler installation services in Newcastle or if you wan to install a new boiler in Newcastle then enquire with B&K Services today or telephone us now on: 0191 262 8412.