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Finding an Electrician in Newcastle Discussed by B&K Services

Newcastle Local ElectriciansWhen you have an issue with your electrics, you probably don’t know what to do or when you may need an electrician. There are certain electrical DIY jobs that can be carried out without the help of an electrician but you may not be aware of the extensive list of issues that you cannot fix without the help of an expert. B&K Services have a highly professional team of electricians with a wide range of experience. In this article, we will discuss the most common issues that can be fixed using an electrician as well as what you should do to get these sorted if they occur.

If you are looking for an electrician in Newcastle or if you are searching for local electricians in Newcastle then be sure to contact B&K Services on: 0191 262 8412.

When Do You Need an Electrician?

There are a variety of situations in which you made need an electrician and these vary from common issues and other situations. If you find that your fuse trips, you are likely going to try and diagnose and solve the issue. This is most likely related to issues with your lights and therefore it’s a great idea to call an electrician who can investigate the issue further. If you need new sockets or light installed then this needs to be done with an approved electrician. If these lights or sockets aren’t working then this could be indicative of installation problems or problems with the fittings. Hiring an electrician will allow for diagnosis of the issues as well as providing a solution. There could be a multitude of reasons as to why these lights or sockets are not working ranging from a faulty fuse to damage caused by the environment or animals so it’s always a good idea to give an electrician a call should you experience these issues. Another area in which you can directly benefit from hiring an electrician is when you are buying or selling a home. Electrical certificates are becoming more and more popular to ensure that there are no underlying issues with the electrics of the property. If you can provide a full qualified ‘landlord certificate’ then you can see an increase in the valuation of your house as you are guaranteeing that your electrics are to good order. Similarly, if the people you are buying a house from do not carry this out then it can be an indicator that they are hiding issues with electrics which they are not being transparent about. We can provide you with a test and landlord certificates at extremely competitive rates.

Electrical Testing Newcastle

If you have concerns with the electrics or wiring in your home then it’s always worth first considering electrical testing. This ensures that electrical issues can be identified as well as diagnosed and sorted by our electricians. Before we carry out any work, we will carry out and complete all necessary electrical safety tests on new or existing wiring or appliances, before and after completing any work. Should you require a safety test then we will arrange this around your schedule. This consists of checking if your wiring complies with current standards and then we will produce a report with our personal recommendations. If you are a landlord then you can use our PAT testing services to ensure that appliances are safe as well as arrange for a landlord certificate which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

Electrical Rewiring Newcastle

If your wiring has been recommended to be changed then you will most likely need to have electrical rewiring carried out. If you have purchased or own an older home or are looking to renovate your new property. Rewiring your home is an extensive process but we work hard to fit the work around your schedule and to keep disruption to a minimum. Our professional and qualified electrician will talk you through what to expect and advise you further when this is being carried out. We also provide the paperwork and certificates to confirm that the wiring in your home meets current standards and this gives you the peace of mind that your wiring is up to standard. Older wiring could also put you at risk so it’s extremely important to have electrical rewiring carried out if you have an older home or are unsure about the quality of wiring installed in your home.

Landlord Certificates Newcastle

Landlord Certificates NewcastleWhen selling your home, you want to make your house seem as ideal as possible whilst also being open about certain aspects of the property. One of the areas that are often tried to be concealed when selling a house are electrical installations and other issues that may lower the house value. A landlord certificate confirms that you are forthcoming and honest about the current state of your wiring and this can increase the value of your house if you have the right certificates. Our electrician team can carry this out for you and provide you with the relevant landlord certificates that confirm that your electrics are up to standard. For landlords, we also offer checks and certificates for landlord gas safety, gas safety certificates, fault finding on heating installations and radiators, servicing of boiler, visual inspections, energy performance certificates and periodic inspection reports. These checks allow you to comply to the regulations surrounding being a landlord as well as letting your tenants know that you are keeping the electrics and other parts of your property safe.

Why Hire the Electricians at B&K Services?

Here at B&K Services, we understand the situations in which you will need to hire an electrician and are readily available to help with this. Our team are fully qualified and have carried out many jobs in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. We specialise in domestic, commercial and landlord customers who need anything from fitting a new plug socket, carrying out extensive rewiring or providing a test and landlord certificate as previously mentioned. If you have an emergency then we have a 24 hour emergency electrical call out service to ensure that you can have the issue fixed whenever it occurs. Our experts are readily available to help you and will ensure that all of your electrical needs are catered for with a fully professional service.

Electrical Repair Services

In the August edition of our Electricians article, we take an in-depth look into the various repair services that are available should you require them.

An electrical repair service is vital in situations in which you may or may not be able to identify the issue with certain electrics. Repairing a fuse box could be one of the issues in which you are left scratching your head as to why something is wrong. Whether the box has an internal issue or whether another appliance is tripping the switch, it sometimes can be difficult to diagnose and solve this issue. An electrician can have a closer look at your fuse box and determine what the issue is. If an appliance is causing the issue then you will then be able to have this appliance repaired or replaced. Fault finding is also an important service that a professional electrical can offer you. This service ensures that whatever is causing an issue can be identified and repaired. As there are a wide range of potential issues, it’s often best to have a fault finding service carried out to work out where the route of the problem lies. This can solve the issue that is affecting your electrics and solve the potential headache that this may be causing.

Ensuring That You Hire an Electrician

The January update to our blog post investigates why you should call an electrician, even if you have slight concerns regarding your electrics.

Local Electrician Near Me NewcastleElectricity is dangerous, meaning that it’s very important to ensure that you give an electrician a call, especially if you suspect something may be wrong in your property. As discussed when thinking about having your property rewired, it can be dangerous if your property’s wiring is not up to date. Similarly, with issues such as worn out fuse boxes, or appliances that constantly are tripping a switch this could be seen as inconvenient rather than a health risk. However, if an appliance does malfunction and your fuse box is not working correctly for example then this could pose a health and fire hazard. If you also suspect that there are incorrectly installed wiring or that wiring has been installed dangerously then it’s highly important that you contact one of our qualified team of electricians. It’s not worth putting your property or occupants at risk from electrical faults as this is one of the most dangerous potential hazards if electrics have not been installed correctly or safely. Making sure that all electrical work that has been carried out correctly is highly important. Organising a PAT test for your property can make sure that all of your electrics are working as intended and that your appliances are safe and in working order. Keeping your property safe is highly important and contacting our highly qualified team of electricians is highly recommended should you have any concerns.

When Else May You Need to Contact an Electrician?

As working with electricity can be highly dangerous, it’s very important to contact an electrician if you have any concerns regarding electrics in your home. If you are in doubt on what is causing an electrical issue then again it’s often safe to contact an electrician rather than look at the issue yourself. As discussed, PAT testing is a great way to ensure that your electrics are in working order. Electricians can be contacted to repair a whole host of electrical issues. They can be used to repair fuse boxes, fitting electrical cookers and stoves, repairing lights and fitting heaters wherever necessary. Our expert team of electricians and gas safe engineers can carry out a large number of electrical services to ensure that your property is in working order in regards to electrics. Whatever issues you may be experiencing, our highly qualified team of electricians are available to advise you. If you ever find that you are suffering from an electrical emergency, we offer an emergency 24-hour service to ensure that you are covered. Remember to keep in mind that electrical points and electricity, in general, is highly dangerous. If you are not sure about issues with your electrics or how to repair or rectify these issues then ensure that you contact our expert team today. Don’t put off organising repairs or diagnostics. Contact our team today on: 0191 262 8412

Be Prepared For Electrical Issues

Electrical Issues Newcastle

The April edition of our article investigates preparing for potential electrical faults or weaknesses to ensure that you do not encounter any unexpected issues.

Although it can be hard to work out when electrics are going to go wrong, there are several tell-tale  signs that will make you definitely want to consider carrying out checks or maybe even hiring an electrician to come take a look at the affected area. If you have suspicions about the age of wiring in a property (especially if you are living in an older property or are renovating an old property) then the electrical wiring may be outdated or severely worn out. If this is the case then you will definitely have to consider having electrical rewiring carried out as this could be potentially dangerous with the range of new appliances that are now available. These were not available in the past and in the age in which we use a vast number of appliances and gadgets in the home, older style wiring may not be able to cope with the added strain. If you are finding that your fuse box is tripping constantly then again this could be an indicator of a bigger issue. It’s quite difficult to find the cause of some issues around the home in regards to electrics and this is why it’s important to carry out all of the visual checks that you can. You can also have a look at suspicious wiring or review all electrical work and installations that have been carried out in your property. If you suspect that there’s an issue that needs to be rectified then you can make arrangements for an electrician to repair the issue. It’s important to bear in mind that electricity is highly dangerous, even for fully trained professionals. If you are unsure, ensure that you telephone one of our highly skilled electricians instead of trying to rectify an issue yourself.

Considering the Upgrading of Wiring and Equipment

An issue that we touched upon is the longevity of wiring as well as other electrical equipment. In order to prepare for a potential issue, it’s also important to ensure that your electrical systems in your property are up-to-date to ensure that you can prepare for an outage or are prepared for an emergency. It’s safe to assume that you are more likely to encounter more electrical issues with an older style system than a completely modern system. You can have an entirely new system installed if you are concerned about the age of your electrical systems and this is a great way to prepare for any issues that may occur. This applies to wiring as well as other aspects of the electrical circuit or systems in your property, such as the fuse box itself or other components of the electrical system. If you feel that you want to upgrade your electrical system then contact the skilled team at B&K Services. We have installed electrical systems for our customers for many years and can advise you on the options that are available.

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Electrician NewcastleShould you feel that you need an electrician then our electricians are only one call away. Whether you need an electrical rewiring or electrical job, we can help you whenever you need it. Our extensive electrician services will keep you covered and our 24 hour service ensures that you can have electrical emergencies sorted even if they are in the early hours of the morning. If you are looking for electricians near me in Newcastle or if you are looking for an electrician in Newcastle then be sure to contact B&K Services today by calling us now on: 0191 262 8412