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When Do You Need Local Electricians in Newcastle? Discussed by B&K Services

Newcastle local electricians serviceOne of the main questions that is often asked is, ‘when do I need an electrician?’ There are a variety of non electrical jobs around the home that can be carried out by you but all electrical jobs are simply not worth undertaking as they are dangerous if you attempt them with electrical experience or training. Should you be attempting a DIY job in the home that is related to electrical equipment or wiring then it is always recommended to hire a professional electrician, as mistakes can lead to fire risks and hazards in your home. In this article, we will discuss the importance of hiring an electrician should something be wrong as well as which situations you may be questioning if you need an electrician, but you will need to hire one. Should you be on the look out for Newcastle local electricians or a Newcastle electrician then hire B&K Services. We have many years of experience in Newcastle and the surrounding areas and our team are highly qualified. Give them a call now on: 0191 262 8412

The Risks of Electrical Faults

Although some risks of electrical faults are apparent, some are less so than others. House fires can easily be caused by shoddy electrical wiring and this is not just due to improper or incorrect installation. Wiring deteriorates over time via overloading of the circuits or with the insulation of the wiring being worn down over time. There are also financial implications of electrical faults or issues with wiring. Damaged insulation causes higher energy bills and damage that can be caused by these faults can be extremely costly. It is therefore important to consider hiring an electrician immediately if you feel that an issue is unsafe or hazardous. Even if the issue does not seem to be that significant, it’s really not worth the risk and in these situations you should call our expert team. They carry out an electrical test before and after the job is carried out, so you have the peace of mind that the rest of your wiring or electrics has not been effected or damaged by maintenance. The other advantage of this is that it allows other problems to be identified and resolved safely and effectively.

What Faults Warrant an Electricians Attention?

There are a few situations in which you can carry out the job yourself, such as replacing a lightbulb (although keep them away from combustable substances) However the myriad of common problems that can occur with electrics and wiring that can be carried out by an electrician. This includes fixing or replacing fuses, changing light switches, changing positions of power points, installing a ceiling fan and carrying out a rewiring of your home. Although rewiring is probably the most obvious job that can be carried out by an electrician, an electrician is well equipped to carry out all of the above for you. Again it is emphasised that it if you have no electrical experience; it is highly, highly advised that you hire a qualified electrician to carry out these jobs for you.

Contact Our Local Electricians Today

electrician near me NewcastleNow that you know the ins and outs about electrical faults and wiring issues, you may feel that you need to hire an electrician. As we have discussed, it’s simply not worth the risk of damage, hazards or increased electrical bills by ignoring faults in your electrics or wiring. If you have started to notice issues or feel that you need to have your wiring checked then the team at B&K Services can do all of this for you. We have carried out many rewiring, electrical safety tests and house tests with issued landlord certificates for clients in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.


You can be sure that our highly experienced team of local electricians will be able to identify and resolve issues at extremely competitive costings. Should you need the services of a Newcastle local electrician or an electrician near me in Newcastle then be sure to contact B&K Services today by telephoning us now on: 0191 262 8412