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Combating Rising Damp in Newcastle Discussed by B&K Services

Rising damp is an ever growing problem that can affect your home. If left untreated, rising dam can cause a wide range of structural issues. These can result in costly repairs needing to be carried out and this is simply not worth compared to hiring a specialist. Combine this with the health risks associated with mould & damp and your home could be putting you in danger. In this article, we will discuss the causes and indicators of rising damp as well as what you need to do should you detect rising damp in your home. If you are looking to rectify rising damp in Newcastle or if you are searching for a damp proof course in Newcastle then ensure that you contact B&K Services today or give our team a call now on: 0191 262 8412

Rising Damp Newcastle

What is Rising Damp & What Indicates It Is Present?

Rising damp is a natural occurrence in which moisture becomes present in your walls due to water in the ground rising up. Once this water starts to rise, moisture and damp becomes present and this can start to cause a huge amount of damage. The water is thus sucked into the wall through tiny holes in the brick and this continues the spread of the water. One of the initial indicators that you can use to identify rising damp is patches of moisture or wetness on your wall which stop at a certain point. You will also start to notice small white crystals forming around the wall which can be seen higher up than the moisture line. These crystals are actually salt deposits which indicate that the water is from the ground and has risen into your wall. Left unattended, the damp can spread and cause different additional types of damp such as condensation. The tide line of yellow or brownish staining on your wall and rotting flooring are also major indicators of rising damp. Black spots of mould can also appear on the damp areas that are affected which brings along a health risk due to spores potentially being deposited.

What are the Causes of This Rising Damp?

Older houses are very susceptible to rising damp due to the fact that the walls are more than likely to have been made with older building materials. This will result in older buildings with insufficient damp proofing suffering from the effects of rising damp. A damp proof course is utilised to combat the effects of rising damp. This damp proof course is a waterproof layer of your wall which repels water. There are also situations in which you may still suffer from rising damp with a damp proof course. This could be if you have a set of steps for example that are above your damp proof course. This can also cause water to rise and be allowed to penetrate your walls. Areas such as fireplaces and other sections are also highly susceptible to the effects of rising damp so considering a re-plastering of these areas should they be affected.

Damp Proof Course Newcastle

B&K Services Damp Proofing in Newcastle

Our damp proofing expert will install a remedial damp proof course using their specialist products.Our damp proofing expert utilises specialist products and is highly experienced in carrying out DPCs and additional damp proofing services. Should you suspect that your home or property has a raised internal floor level or a complete lack of a damp proofing course or DPC then our expert is readily available to help you. Rising damp can leave to an array of structural damage if not attended to and the utilisation of a damp proofing course can quickly rectify the issues that this is causing. You can also ensure that further damage is prevented from condensation of this rising damp spreading to other walls or parts of your room. We can carry out your damp proofing course following a full survey and we use an odourless, low hazard solvent free DPC. Should you be suffering from a rising damp issue then call us today. If you are suffering from rising damp in Newcastle or if you require a damp proofing course near me in Newcastle then be sure to contact B&K Services today or call now on: 0191 262 8412