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B&K’s Boiler Service

Having your boiler break down unexpectedly can be disastrous. They are one of the most relied on appliances in our homes as so many of our day to day activities, including having a shower and doing the washing up, depend on having an operating boiler. Regular boiler servicing can ensure that there are no sudden boiler breakdowns. The team at B&K Services are fully qualified and are highly experienced in servicing a variety of boilers. Should you feel that your boiler requires a service then contact our team today to arrange a boiler service on 07778 170 791.

Winter is the worst time for your boiler to break down and also the most likely. Not only are you relying on it for warm water, but also to heat your home. Months of inactivity from your homes heating system can lead to system failures – definitely something you want to avoid when the cold comes! This added pressure on your boiler can cause older models to break down. Being without a working boiler for even one day in the winter is often not an option. We need our homes to be comfortable places to escape any return of the beast from the east. This is why B&K provide an emergency boiler repair service. However, we also recommend a regular maintenance service to prevent any breakdowns in the first place. Getting your boiler serviced now in preparation for winter can really save you from a lot of hassle and expenditure.

From a one-off boiler repair call-out or a boiler service, our team of Gas Safe registered engineers are on hand to make sure your boiler runs efficiently all year round. With our boiler maintenance services starting from as little as £30 depending on your unit, getting your boiler serviced won’t break the bank.

Winter Boiler Service


Save money in efficiency!

As well as preventing a breakdown, having your boiler serviced in preparation for winter can also save you money in efficiency. As boilers get older they become less efficient with general wear and tear. To keep your boiler at its maximum efficiency, you will need to carry out an annual service. We recommend having this service before the cold kicks in so that there is not an unexpected breakdown when you need your boiler the most.

By carrying out regular checks, you are more likely to save money in the long term; as keeping your boiler in good condition lets it operate efficiently at all times. If it does not get checked regularly, you could be spending a lot more than you bargained for, over the course of winter. This could really affect your Christmas if you are having to fork out money on your boiler rather than on presents and decorations.


Why is it Important to get a boiler service?

An annual service is important to ensure proper boiler function and a warm home during the winter months. During a boiler service, your engineer will clean all the parts and components in your boiler and check that they are all in good working order. An annual service is also usually required to maintain your boiler’s warranty.

It’s a good idea to test your boiler and central heating system properly by running it for a few hours one evening before cold weather sets in. This will allow you to check your system is running correctly and ensure gas safety. Keeping your boiler healthy, particularly over the winter, will help keep your home safe and warm. Regular maintenance will also make for a more cost-effective heating system as your boiler will be running more efficiently.


Gas Safety Checks

Gas safety checks are the most important and should always be kept on top of. Not only because they are a legal requirement for landlords, but also because it can affect the health and safety of everyone in and around the home. An annual boiler service can help to check for Carbon Monoxide leaks. Carbon Monoxide is a clear, odourless gas, so making sure your boiler doesn’t have a leak is essential as you may not even realise you have one without a service.

A gas safety certificate will be given to you after making sure everything is working in great condition, and for landlords, this should be done within 28 days of tenants moving in. This certificate will provide you with a record of checks that have been carried out, if anything was to go wrong. So make sure you get your gas checked as it is not worth anyone’s life.


B&K Electrical’s Boiler Service

No one enjoys being cold in their own home so book your winter boiler service with B&K Electricals today to avoid a breakdown when you least want one. Everyone at B&K Electricals is a fully qualified gas safe registered engineer. You can trust that we will provide a service you can rely on which will keep your boiler working all winter long. Call us today on 07778 170 791.