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Importance of Regular Gas Boiler Servicing in the North East Presented by B&K Services


Gas Boiler Service North East


B&K Services provide a range of services, these services including gas boiler servicing and we also offer oil boiler servicing throughout the North East. We provide OFTEC qualified heating engineers that are renown to be tidy with their work and offer great customer service. All our gas boiler engineers are Gas Safe registered and are fully qualified for the safe installation maintenance and removal of gas boilers.


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Why get Your Gas Boiler Serviced Today With B&K Services


B&K Services offer fast response engineers that are able to spot any issues that are beginning to occur and be able to deal with the issue then and there before it escalates to anything further. Our heating engineers have over 50 years experience and can be trusted to help improve the health of your boiler. Getting your boiler serviced annually should help prevent breakdowns from occurring and catching the problem early will be very cost effective. Instead of having to get the entire boiler repaired it may just involve the changing of an individual part of a boiler. This could save you a lot of hassle, getting your boiler serviced keeps it in the best possible working condition.


Keep your Boiler Running at Its Maximum Efficiency


Getting your Gas Boiler serviced regularly will improve its efficiency, this is very important for keeping your heating bills as low as possible. During the winter your gas boiler is relied on heavily and for daily use, it must be serviced regularly to identify what parts of the gas boiler are not working as they should and reducing the efficiency. Here at B&K Services, we offer competitive pricing on all our servicing and our engineers are Gas safe registered.  


Keeping The Family Safe Whatever The Cost


Keeping the gas boiler serviced regularly will ensure the efficiency of the boiler but will also ensure any smaller issues don’t escalate. The most important factor for getting your boiler serviced is to ensure the peace of mind. Knowing that your boiler has been serviced as regularly as possible means that you can relax at night knowing that your boiler is running correctly. Issues with gas boilers can cause serious harm and even death to members that are present in the house at the time of the malfunction. If a boiler has started to leak gas or the gas boiler is fitted incorrectly it can lead to the entire property to start to fill with gas. This is extremely dangerous as if this is undetected a single spark can result in the explosion of the entire property. This is very uncommon but it can happen and is very simple to prevent. Simply having your boiler serviced annually by one of our Gas safe qualified engineers this will help prevent leaks will ensure there are no improper installations from occurring. We have a fast response time and all our engineers are very experienced in what they do.


Never Wake up to any Nasty Surprises


Your gas boiler is one of the most important parts of the central heating system. It supplies all the hot water in your house including your radiators, showers even the hot water that comes out of the taps. If the boiler was to break down one morning it would be a very unpleasant way to wake up. The whole house would be cold and there would be no way to have a warm shower or bath. This can be easily prevented tho as it is as simple as just keeping your boiler regularly serviced. Keeping your Oil boiler regularly serviced will help prevent this from happening.


Oil Boiler Servicing is a Legal Requirements for all Landlords


It is hugely important for all landlords to get all oil and gas boilers serviced annually to the specification of the manufacturer and it is also a legal requirement. This is very important for all landlords as if your properties boiler ever has a malfunction you must be able to provide evidence that the boiler has been serviced annually and has been kept in proper working condition. If not it will be very difficult or even impossible to claim through the insurance company. This is also crucial for the safety of the people who will be occupying the property.


Protect Your Home While you go on Holiday


Keeping your oil boiler serviced regularly makes leaving your home unattended a stress free event. Knowing that your oil boiler has been recently serviced means that it is very unlikely that it is going to break down while your away. If your oil boiler has not been serviced regularly it may mean that it may breakdown while you’re away from home. There are many ways for your oil boiler to break down but poor maintenance is one of the most common. The boiler may start leaking resulting in water to leak throughout the entire house. If the house is left unattended when this malfunction occurs it may leave the entire house to become seriously damaged by water. This will include all personal positions which may be irreplaceable. Protect your home while you’re away by simply having your oil boiler serviced with our trust mark engineers which ensure government endorsed standards.


Ensuring That Your Home Insurance is Always Valid.


Having your oil boiler serviced is not only a legal requirement for all landlords but is also important for every home across the UK. Most insurance companies when looking at if someone is valid for a claim may ask you to provide evidence that your boiler has been kept in good working condition and has been serviced annually. If these documents cannot be provided it may mean that your insurance may become invalid for this type of claim costing you huge expenses out of your own pocket. To prevent this it is as simple as just getting your boiler serviced regularly and keeping all the documents to prove this servicing has been done.


Arrange for Your Boiler Service in the North East Now


Boiler Service In The North East

Having your oil boiler serviced annually will ensure that all the individual parts of the boiler are functioning correctly. Having a lack of servicing can lead to the boiler to not be completing the combustion process correctly. This can lead to the production of Carbon Monoxide which is a highly toxic and poisonless gas which can lead to death if unnoticed. During the servicing, we will check for any signs of the boiler functioning incorrectly, also check for any leaks. It is estimated that between 250 hospitalizations occur every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning to it is crucial that all boilers must be serviced regularly. We offer fast response time we have been reviewed five stars on Trust Pilot for our services.

We offer Oil boiler servicing and Gas boiler servicing to all the locations below:


  • Alnwick
  • Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Long Flamlington
  • Wooler
  • Longhorsley


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