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Arranging for a Boiler Service in Northumberland – Discussed by B&K Services


boiler service in Northumberland


Here at B&K Services, we are trusted across the Northumberland and the Northeast. We provide professional boiler services with the assurance of a well-recognized brand name. The workforce we provide is highly skilled and experienced also OFTEC qualified. If you’re looking for a boiler service in Northumberland or oil boiler service in Northumberland  – Call us today on 0800 078 7461


Why You Should Have Your Oil Boiler Serviced


Having your oil boilers serviced regularly is a necessity for many reasons. Firstly if the oil boiler has not been serviced in a long time it is likely that the oil boiler is not working to its full potential. This will lead to higher running costs. We ensure that all the boilers we service are running correctly. When servicing the boiler the combustion chamber is inspected to make sure all is in good condition. The oil boiler must be as clean as possible to ensure that the heat produced is transferred to the water efficiently. We clean the heat exchanger to ensure that the heat transfer is as efficient as possible. Our team is OFTEC qualified ensuring that we can safely install, remove or maintain our customer’s oil boilers.


It is very important that you can trust your oil boiler for daily use. The worst of Britain’s weather could still be to come so it’s crucial that you keep your oil boiler regularly serviced. This will reduce the chance of it malfunctioning. If anything does happen with your oil boiler, we offer emergency callouts here at B&K Services.


Maintain Your Boiler to Prevent Any Nasty Surprises


When a oil boiler does malfunction it can hinder everyone in the house as it will prevent hot water supply to the baths and often showers as well (Unless the shower is a electric powered shower). This can be a huge inconvenience as it could also prevent the hot water supply to the radiators resulting in waking up to a cold house. To reduce the chance of this from occurring get your oil boiler serviced regularly. We have 50 years experience here at B&K Electrical and we are trusted throughout Northumberland.


Ensuring that the oil boiler is serviced will mean that if the boiler ever breaks down it will keep the repair costs to a minimum. This might mean that the boiler only needs to have a specific part changed instead of having the entire boiler replaced. Having a annual boiler servicing could result in saving more money in the long run and can even extend your boilers life.


Keep Your Home Insurance Valid


Insurance is another huge reason to have your boiler serviced annually. If your boiler does every have a malfunction and it causes damage to other areas in the house. If you would like to claim on your home insurance and you can’t prove that your oil boiler has been serviced annually then its likely that your insurance company won’t let you claim. Be safe and get your oil boiler serviced today with us at B&K Services by one of our fully certified team members.


Having your properties boiler’s serviced annually is a legal requirement for all landlords. The tenants must be provided with these checks at the start of each tendency, the landlord must keep copies of these checks themselves. Landlords will have little defense if something was to happen to the tenants themselves or their personal positions.


Protect Your Home While You’re Away


Going on holiday? Ensure that your boiler has been serviced recently. If your boiler has not been serviced annually and it can malfunction while you’re away from home. This can cause damage to the entire house. An example of this is if your boiler is located on the second floor or the loft and a water pipe run into the boiler. If this is the case then it can cause water to leak throughout the entire house and say you’re away a couple days to a week it can cause the entire house to be waterlogged.


Organise Your Boiler Service in Northumberland Now


oil boiler service in Northumberland

Simply put, annual boiler servicing could save you and your family a lot of money and can even increase your safety to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. If the boiler is not serviced regularly it could be not completing the combustion process fully. This causes the release of a harmful gas called carbon monoxide. During any boiler servicing, we check for any signs of the boiler not functioning correctly and we will also check for any leaks. Carbon monoxide is highly toxic poisonous gas and is odorless, Colourless and tasteless and is nicknamed the silent killer. It is estimated that between 30-50 deaths occur due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Protect yourself and your family today by getting your oil boiler serviced today with one of our OFTEC qualified engineers. 

Contact us to inquire about getting your oil boiler serviced by one of experience and OFTEC qualified engineers today. You can contact our expet team using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 0800 078 7461