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Your boiler is the most important part of the central heating system within your home. You should always make sure that your boiler is functioning correctly as it should be. If your boiler is not warming your home as it should be or is constantly requiring repairs it may be time to consider replacing it. Luckily our professional team here at B&K Services have provided our top 10 reasons to have your old boiler replaced.

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1) Improve the efficiency of your boiler

Did you know a new energy efficient boiler can save you up to “£200” a year? As boilers become older they become less and less efficient. Making sure that your boiler is serviced by a trained professional will help to ensure that the boiler is functioning correctly. If you have your old boiler replaced you can be assured that you have the most modern and energy efficient boiler within your home.

You may be thinking “ Why would I need my boiler to be running as efficiently as possible?” Well, this is because if your boiler is not running efficiently it will be using up more energy than it should warm your home.

2) A new energy efficient boiler will help to reduce your heating bills.

Having a new boiler installed within your home ensures that your boiler is running to its maximum efficiency. If your boiler is running to its maximum efficiency it means that it will be using less fuel to heat your home. This will help to keep your heating bills to a minimum. The more energy efficient your boiler is the more that can be potentially saved from your heating bills.

3) Take the first step towards reducing your environmental impact.

Many of us now are taking into consideration our effect on the environment. If you upgrade your old boiler to a sparkling brand new boiler you will be ensuring that your boiler is as energy efficient as possible. This will reduce the amount of fuel that is required to heat your home. No matter if you have a gas, oil or electric boiler it will still have a negative effect on the environment. Have your old boiler replaced will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.
If you would like to find out more about how replacing your boiler reduced your carbon footprint why not take a read of this environmental impact article.

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4) Did you know that boiler installations start from only £1,000

Did you know that here at B&K services we offer our boiler installation services starting from only £1,000! All of our boilers are supplied from leading manufacturers. If you would like to find out more about the wide range of boilers we offer to take a look at our boiler installation page. All of the boilers we offer are energy efficient to ensure that heating bill is always kept to a minimum.

5) More accurate control of the temperature of your home

Here at B&K Services, we take pride in offering a range of top of the range energy efficient boilers that give you full control of the temperature of your home. Old boilers have a tendency to become more unreliable at providing an exact temperature. Having your old boiler replaced with a new energy efficient boiler will ensure you will be able to achieve the perfect temperature for your home that you desire.

6) A new boiler makes your property more attractive

Changing your boiler to modern energy efficient boiler makes your property more attractive to potential buyers. If you are considering selling your home in the future or even renting out your home to tenants it is very important that the boiler within the property is the best it can possibly be. An old boiler can be a make or break factor when deciding between your property and another. Luckily if your looking for a new boiler installed at a competitive price look no further. Call the friendly team today on – 0191 262 8412.

7) New boilers are becoming smaller in size

Do you have an old boiler that is taking up a lot of room within your home? It may seem like its the norm to have a large boiler taking up space in your home but modern boilers are becoming smaller in size. Replacing your old boiler ensures that you have more space within your home.

8) would you prefer a quite boiler?

Old boilers can seem to get louder and louder as the years pass by due to wear and tear on the boiler. One of the main benefits of having a new boiler installed in your home is modern boilers are becoming increasingly more quite. You can be assured that whatever boiler you decide is best for your home it will be considerably quieter than your existing boiler.

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9) Peace of Mind

As boilers become older they can become prone to having breakdowns. It is extremely important that you have your boiler serviced annually to ensure that there are no leaks or issues occurring with the combustion process within the boiler. If you have an old boiler replaced to a modern energy efficient boiler it reduces the chance of the boiler from breaking down or being in need of repair. Your new boiler will leave you with the peace of mind knowing that your boiler is functioning correctly and is less likely to have any issues.

10) Be prepared for the weather

The weather in the UK can be extremely unpredictable, you always need to be sure that your home is prepared for whatever the weather may bring. If you are noticing any signs that your boiler is not functioning correctly it’s important that you get your boiler replaced before its too late.

If you would like to have a new boiler installed by one of our professional team members here at B&K Services call one of the friendly team today on – 0191 262 8412. We have over 50 years of experience working within the industry and all the work that we provide is guaranteed.

Our team here at B&K Services have gathered our favorite 5 points from the blog above and have created an easy to understand infographic out of the blog. We hope you enjoy the infographic below and if you would like to enqurire about having your boiler replaced please get in contact with the team today!