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Gas Engineers Newcastle – B & K Services

At BK Electricals, all our gas engineers Newcastle are fully qualified and registered as Gas Safe Engineers. They carry out excellent services for all our customers. The role of Gas engineers at BK Electricals is to fit, test and repair gas appliances and piping in homes and businesses. They are likely to visit customer premises, both domestic and commercial, to fit, service and repair boilers and heating systems that have broken down. Our Gas Engineer will be involved with appliances such as cookers, central heating boilers, gas heaters etc. We train our gas engineers to pay close attention to safety because of the dangerous nature of gas. The role of a good gas engineer is to minimise this danger for the customer no matter what the problem. When installing appliances, our gas engineers will pay strict attention to safety procedures to diagnose and repair faults on what can be complex appliances and systems. They will also ensure when required, that there is proper ventilation and that dangerous fumes cannot leak into a room. A common task in which our gas engineers have plenty of experience is dismantling an appliance and cleaning, repairing or replacing relevant parts. If you are interested in any gas engineer service offered by B & K Electricals, please get in contact with us today on 0191 262 8412.

Our gas engineers and installers visit customer premises on a regular basis. They are very friendly and trustworthy so will be there to answer any questions you may have and advise you on how best to use your gas appliances, including the most appropriate energy efficient heating systems.


Gas Engineer NewcastleGas Boilers Installation

Boilers are the main appliance which our gas engineers deal with on a regular basis. They can fit, service and repair a very wide range of gas boilers. If you are thinking of replacing your old boiler in the Newcastle area, they B&K have the best gas engineers for the task. With gas prices constantly increasing, you can reduce your energy bills by installing a new energy efficient boiler in your home.

With advances in boiler efficiency, the cost of fitting a new gas boiler isn’t as much as you may think. Our replacement boiler service starts from £1000 depending on the size of your property and your requirements. We can give you a fixed price estimate if we call out (free of charge) or a budget quotation over the phone. Give us a call and we’ll come round and complete a quick survey. If you’re currently looking to replace your gas boiler and wondering what the best boiler is to buy, our gas engineers in the North East can guide you through all the different types of boilers available. With a range of energy efficient boilers available on the market, you need to know that the replacement boiler you are considering is right for you. We are transparent and clear with the costs of the boiler that you choose to purchase and install. We pride our gas engineers on the outstanding boiler installation service they provide. They have installed countless boilers in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

When considering whether it’s time to replace your boiler, it’s important to think about the efficiency of your current boiler unit. If your boilers have seen extended use and are looking like it’s on your last legs then you can save money by installing a brand new, energy efficient boiler. Boilers are built to last, having decades of potential lifespan. Just because your boiler has lasted so long, this does not mean that it’s still working as well as it was when it was brand new. Your boiler may be struggling to heat water and this could lead to an emergency which could cost you more in the long run.  A boiler that is older or has seen strenuous amounts of use may be at risk of a total fault or be plagued with issues later in life. Replacing your old boiler can protect you against the inconvenience of a boiler breakdown whilst putting money back in your pocket by paying less on energy bills.

Arranging for your boiler installation with B&K Services couldn’t be easier. Contacting one of our advisors ensures that we can discuss your requirements as well as helping you choose a new boiler and installation option that suits you to the letter. Enquire now to find out more about our boiler service.

If you need to know the cost of installing a combi boiler or would like to know more about energy efficient boilers, give us a call or come in and speak to us. We also offer great deals on new central heating systems. Speak to one of our advisors and get a great deal on our heating services.


Gas Boiler Service

Alternatively, if you need your boiler servicing, to ensure it continues to run as efficiently as possible, give our gas engineers a call on 0191 262 8412. Our boiler servicing service starts from as little as £30 so you can ensure that your boiler runs efficiently all year round without breaking the bank.

Having your boiler break down unexpectedly can be disastrous. Regular boiler servicing can ensure that there are no sudden boiler breakdowns. The gas engineers at B&K Services are fully qualified and are highly experienced in servicing a variety of boilers. Should you feel that your boiler requires a service then contact our team today to arrange a boiler service.

Regular servicing of your boiler is highly important to ensure that your boiler is in working order. The breakdown of your boiler can be a costly inconvenience which is completely avoidable should you have your boiler serviced regularly. Seasonal uses of your boiler can also cause underlying problems that can be uncovered and repaired during a boiler service. We recommend you call our gas engineers for a winter boiler service if you have not had one already. You do not want to be forking out for boiler repairs over Christmas.

Although there are common issues with your boiler that are easy to identify, there is a range of issues that you may struggle to identify. Efficiency is also an important factor when your boiler is being serviced. A boiler service by our qualified gas engineers ensures that your boiler is working efficiently, saving you money on fuel bills. A faulty boiler can also be extremely dangerous, with a faulty boiler being difficult to detect without a boiler service by a competent gas engineer. Carrying out a boiler service will therefore also give you the peace of mind that your boiler is in working order. Contact B & K Electricals today!


Gas Boiler Repairs

If your boiler breaks down, this can understandably be a very stressful time. You’ll want to have your boiler working as soon as possible and ensure that it is being repaired by gas engineers that you can rely on. At B&K Services, we offer an emergency boiler repair call out service for your peace of mind. Your boiler will be fixed in no time at the most reasonable price. Our gas engineers are talented so will be able to provide a solution which prevents the same problem occurring again. They will also be able to answer all your question and offer advice. So if you are having problems with your gas boiler in the Newcastle, give our gas engineers a call today! Our friendly advisors will also be able to give you advice over the phone and we are clear about the costs from the beginning. Call us now on 0191 262 8412.


Landlord Safety Checks

Landlords are required by law to have annual gas safety checks carried out on their properties. These tests include boiler servicing as well as other gas appliances. Ensure that your boiler is serviced and that you are within your requirements by law and arrange for a gas safety check with B & K’s gas engineers. We will provide a certificate if you gas appliances all meet the required standards. Call us today to arrange your landlord safety checks on 0191 262 8412.


B&K’s Gas Engineers Newcastle

When it comes to gas engineers Newcastle, B&K Electricals have the best gas engineers around. They provide top quality services on all your gas appliances including boiler installation, servicing, and repairs. If you need any of the services provided by our gas engineers, call us today on 0191 262 8412.

Alternatively, if you are looking for employment as a gas engineer, visit our job vacancies page to find out more.